"Graveyard" Casting

Thank you for interest in the short film "Graveyard." Auditions will take place in early May. You will receive the location in response to your form submission below. On audition day, you must deliver a monologue (1 minute or longer) in front of the other candidates. You will then be asked to read and act out mock scenes from the film with other candidates to test chemistry. These scenes will be provided on audition day. Your performances will be filmed for reference, but never shared or uploaded.

The screenplay calls for a group of 4-7 actors, who will be portraying average suburban teenagers. The film is both a gentle salute to suburbia's beauty and a cathartic escape from its sheltered culture. The film's tone is fairly light, but it covers themes of nostalgia, identity, and belonging. Its subtext includes internal and interpersonal conflict, subtle sexual undertones between characters, and the masked imperfections of suburban life. Production will take place in late April and early May, and it will require 2-4 full days of filming.

No prior acting or film experience is required to audition, though it certainly helps to shorten the learning curve. If you have a résumé, be sure to link to it below.

Thank you again for your time and interest, and I look forward to working with you on set. Please email me at phaneronmedia@gmail.com if you have questions or can't make it to the audition.

– Brett McLoughlin

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